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Lucha Underground preview: Ultima Lucha Tres, Part III

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The epic saga of gods versus mortals in an underground fight club known as Lucha Underground continues tonight (Oct. 11) on El Rey Network at 8pm ET/PT. The four week season-ending extravaganza of Ultima Lucha Tres returns with part three. Here's a reminder of the full card:

  • Career vs Title: Prince Puma vs Johnny Mundo
  • Steel Cage Match: El Dragon Azteca Jr. vs The Monster Matanza Cueto
  • Cage vs Jeremiah Crane vs Mil Muertes (Winner gets the god gauntlet)
  • Last Luchadora Standing: Sexy Star vs Taya
  • Gift of the Gods Ladder Match: Son of Havoc vs Pentagon DARK
  • Trios championship: Drago, Pindar, Vibora vs Mack, Killshot, Dante Fox
  • Mask vs Hair: Fenix defeated Marty Martinez via springboard 360 splash
  • Ivelisse defeated Catrina via DDT
  • Unique Opportunity Battle Royal won by Mack after eliminating PJ Black
  • Killshot defeated Dante Fox in The Hell of War via death fall through a pane of glass
  • Famous B defeated Texano via kiss-distracted roll-up (Texano is now forced to be a client of Famous B)

On the slate tonight will be the Trios championship bout between the Reptile Tribe and Mack's squad, Son of Havoc vs Pentagon DARK, then Sexy Star vs Taya. Let's preview and predict these premiere contests.

Trios Championship: Drago, Pindar, Vibora vs Mack, Killshot, Dante Fox

This bout was set up as the prize for Mack winning Dario Cueto's Unique Opportunity Battle Royal last week. The twist, as Dario is wont to do, was making an unlikely trio, as Dario is also wont to do. Mack's partners will be Killshot and Dante Fox fresh off The Hell of War two weeks ago. Aside from Trios gold, Mack might also have extra motivation after being beat down by the Reptile Tribe in a losing effort against Drago for an Aztec medallion last month.

I'm really hoping we get a backstage scene between Mack, Killshot, and Dante Fox. I'd like to see an acknowledgement of the past between Mack and Killshot from when they trio'd with Big Ryck as his new help. I also want to see an interaction between Killshot and Dante Fox. I'm curious if their fight helped ease tensions or only made Fox angrier.

From a storyline aspect, one thing to keep an eye on is Drago under Kobra Moon's spell. Will Aerostar return once again to attempt a deprogramming? It doesn't really have anything to do with this match, but there is little time left if the plan is to provide resolution for that feud this season.

Prediction: I'm siding with the cohesive unit over the mishmash of spare parts. Even though Mack's team has superstar individuals, I don't believe it will be a case of the sum being greater than the parts. They won't be on the same page and the Reptile Tribe will capitalize. Pick: Reptile Tribe.

Gift of the Gods Ladder Match: Son of Havoc vs Pentagon DARK

During the Gift of the Gods contest not too long ago, there was a double pin finish. Both Son of Havoc and Pentagon DARK pinned members of the Rabbit Tribe as the referee double counted to three. Dario Cueto provided a solution to the quandary. LADDER MATCH!

Enjoy some idle threats and empty bravado from Pendejo DARK.

Prediction: Both luchadores seem inches away from breaking through. Son of Havoc gets close to the big match, but it has eluded him thus far. Pentagon DARK has reached a Lucha Underground championship match but has yet to win one. Pentagon has the experience of at least getting there, so he gets the nod from me. Pick: Pentagon DARK. You know what? Screw that. I get the feeling that some fans of Pentagon want to watch the world burn. Well, let the internet burn with fiery complaints after Pentagon loses. Suck it up! Pick: Son of Havoc.

Last Luchadora Standing: Sexy Star vs Taya

This feud is a byproduct of Sexy Star's championship battles with Johnny Mundo. Taya played a key role with creative interference and rubbing the aftermath in Sexy’s face. The gameswomanship knuckled up during the Cueto Cup.

With the benefit of time travel due to this being taped over a year ago, it will be interesting to see if any incidents took place as the impetus behind their real life feud. There are many parties involved that had a hand in Taya's AAA beef and Sexy Star's malfeasance against a different Canadian. There will probably be nothing to glean from tonight's action, but hey, don't let that get in the way of an intriguing conspiracy theory.

Here’s some trash talking from Taya. Arriba, La Wera Loca!

Prediction: This is my dark horse pick for show stealer of Ultima Lucha Tres. Both ladies have shown the willingness to put their bodies on the line for a bludgeoning. Sexy Star's No Mas match against Mariposa was highly entertaining, and Taya has crashed through tables with Cage. There is great potential for a very memorable match.

I'm rooting for Taya as a fan pick. She's one of my favorites and deserves her first signature victory. If you're looking for technical analysis, well, Taya has backup in Worldwide Underground. Generally, she doesn't use their assistance in singles competition, however, there is a high probability for shenanigans in a Last Luchadora Standing match. Taya also has a more mischievous mind to think up a strategy to keep Sexy Star from standing. Pick: Taya.

What are your predictions for this episode? Which match will be the most violent? How many pints of blood will be shed? Enjoy all the Lucha Underground action Wednesday night at 8pm ET/PT on El Rey Network.

El Rey is available via the cable and satellite providers list on their webpage here. If one of those is your hook-up and you can't find the channel on your box, reach out to them and ask for it. If you don't see your provider listed or you've cut the cord, you can find El Rey on the streaming subscription services Sling (here) and (here). Or you can order the episodes on iTunes here and on Amazon here. Seasons one and two are available on Netflix here.

NOTE: Spoilers are out there for these pre-taped broadcast, but many Cagesiders don't partake. If you are going to post or discuss spoilers for this show before they happen, or results of future shows, please use the spoiler bar in your comment.

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