One of Kenny Omega's Most Important Promos

ゾーヒョー at Wikimedia Commons

I know, I know. It's the hype that never ends. Yes it goes on and on, my friends.

All the Kenny Omega buzz reminded me of a Periscope I was halfheartedly watching a few months ago with the Young Bucks, Kenny and Adam Cole. The four boys were all in Japan together, hosting a Q&A Periscope, and they got asked about their advice for people who are being bullied. I remember thinking Kenny & Adam knocked it out of the park with their answer, so today I went searching for it, and typed it all up because I think it's a good message overall:


"I was actually bullied a lot in school, I was bullied for my name (Tyson). People called me Mike Tyson and said I was a rapist, they didn't like my curly hair, thought I was a loser, they thought I was really geeky, that I was a wrestler, so I went through it all. I went through the ringer, and I think at the end of the day, you just really have to be true to yourself and whatever you're passionate about, because those times pass, and if you stay true to what you're passionate about, you're going to happy in the end and you're doing something that you truly love, instead of pretending to be someone that you're not or just doing what someone tells you to do or what everyone else thinks you should fit in to do. I know so many friends of mine, people that I went to class with, they all became accountants, for no other reason aside from ‘okay, you can get a job real easily' and that's it, and ‘we can take the same classes together', but all these guys are miserable right now. They have all gained like 150 pound, with wives they don't like, yeah sure they have a house and the white picket fence, but they look up to me now as someone who always stayed true to his dreams. And sure, the struggle was real and it took years and years and years to get to where I am today, but I would say all the bullying and hardships, it was worth it in the end."

Adam Cole (baybay):

"I agree with everything Kenny said, that's great advice, and also, to make sure as far as the bullying goes, if it gets really, really bad, just don't shut everybody out. I know a lot of people when they get bullied or picked on, there are a lot of people who really do care about you, but you think that it's going to end bad or that they don't really care, there are always, no matter what, whether it's one person, even if it's just one person, there's always someone that does care about you, so be aware of that, too."

So, there it is. I thought this was important (unless you were hoping Kenny put his accountant friends over) and hope it resonates with someone who may need to read it. Or, just a friendly reminder, that wrestlers are often really good dudes. If you're interested, someone captured the full Periscope here.

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