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Chris Hero says goodbye to independent wrestling

At Evolve 77 this past Saturday (Jan. 28), Chris Hero wrestled what is, for the foreseeable future, his last independent wrestling match, against Zack Sabre, Jr. It was an epic struggle that ended after Sabre countered the last of Hero’s piledriver combination into a triangle choke and transitioned into a variation of his trademark Ode to Jim Breaks finishing hold, culminating a year-long story about Zack needing to dig deep and find a killer instinct to finally beat Hero.

Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a farewell if he didn’t get to give a speech, and fortunately for us, the fine folks at the World Wrestling Network and FloSlam decided to release said speech for free on YouTube. It’s an awesome heartfelt speech covering his history with Zack Sabre, Jr. as well as what it’s like to get let go from WWE and brought back.

Check it out!

It wouldn’t be a wrestling farewell if it didn’t set up an angle or two, and obligingly, Hero (after saying he’d like to kick “that asshole” Hideo Itami in the face, possibly setting up an NXT feud for himself) said that he’d use whatever clout he has in Evolve to get Sabre, a man he called the best in the Evolve locker room, an Evolve World Championship title shot.

ACH came down to talk about how much Chris Hero meant to his own career and lay claim to a shot of his own, and Stokely Hathaway came out with the title in hand. The Dream Team head honcho proceeded to tell both ACH and Sabre (after consulting with the title belt and coming to a consensus with it) that the answer, as far as them getting matches, was “Hell no!”

It didn’t end there, however, with the champion, Timothy Thatcher, coming to the ring to make his intentions known with a simple point and a smirk at Zack Sabre, Jr.

And as confirmed in the video, Sabre will in fact be getting his title shot at Evolve 79 in Queens, New York. But he may not be facing Thatcher for the belt, as Fred Yehi (who submitted the champion with his trademark Koji Clutch in a tag match at Evolve 76) will be getting first crack at it at Evolve 78 in Joppa, Maryland.

There you have it, folks

Chris Hero, arguably the greatest indie wrestler of all time, has wrapped up once more, and it’s all Kassius Ohno from here. As a selfish fan of indie wrestling, I’m sad to see him go, but he’s got all the tools in the world to succeed to the same extent as AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, and CM Punk before him, and I cannot wait to see him get to the mountaintop.

Excited to see him in NXT again now that he’s officially done with the indies, Cagesiders?