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CM Punk is ‘feverishly’ working on getting his second UFC fight

Former WWE champ CM Punk continues to live the dream.

When he’s not reading and writing comic books in his Chicago condo with wife April (fka known as AJ Lee), he’s flying out to Los Angeles to take in the NHL All-Star Game and help out with their “Mascot Showdown” (Blackhawks fan Punk has a long-running rivalry with Bailey, the L.A. Kings’ lion).

And, of course, he’s still a professional mixed martial artist.

UFC President Dana White, who signed Punk to a multi-fight deal back in 2014, has said that he’s not sure there should be a second trip to the Octagon for Punk after Mickey Gall took him apart in two minutes and 14 seconds back in September at UFC 203.

But the Straight-Edge One and his coach, Duke Roufus, are still hoping to give it another go. Punk told Fox Sports as much in the above interview from the NHL festivities in Southern California this past weekend:

I am working on it feverishly. I'm throwing names at Dana (White), opponents, dates. I don't know if he's waiting for a Chicago show or what the deal is but if it doesn't happen in the UFC, it will happen somewhere else. I'm dedicated to fighting and training. We'll get there.

Good news is he’s open to pursuing this particular dream outside of UFC - a path many have suggested he should have taken in the first place.

Even better news is, life is good.

First one's out of the way and life couldn't be better. I still don't have to wake up to an alarm so I really can't complain about much.

Try not to be too jealous. And stay tuned.