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Who will John Cena face at WrestleMania 33?

Tuesday’s Rude Awakening sifts through Cena rumors, looks at the debut of Samoa Joe, and more fallout from the Royal Rumble.

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No one knows who John Cena is going to face at WrestleMania 33. Well, the people actually putting together Mania know, sure, but as for us normals, we’re in the dark. The rumor kicking around before this week’s RAW was that Cena could end up facing Samoa Joe at the showcase of the immortals, but Joe showed up to choke Seth Rollins out on RAW in the service of Triple H, so that seems to be off the table. Dave Meltzer shared a rumor that was vague as it was subjective about Cena’s Mania opponent, saying that the match "wouldn’t be celebrated" and that it’s "not necessarily good news." If your first thought turns to another entry in the Cena vs. Randy Orton saga, it’s hard to blame you, considering no one is going to celebrate that and also Orton just won the Rumble.

Let’s not go to Defcon 2 just yet, though. This is going to be heavily rumor-based, so if you hate that stuff, scroll until you hit those links. Remember, Meltzer reported less than a week ago that Cena vs. Joe was a possibility at Mania. At that same time, he also said there were particular plans for who Orton could be facing at Mania that haven’t played out on television yet — and they didn’t involve Cena. So, if it’s not Orton, who could it be? Who out there would be disappointing to people as a WrestleMania opponent for John Cena?

The Miz might disappoint some. Those people are wrong, for what it’s worth. But there are those out there who still don’t see that he’s a legitimate main event talent, and might feel like it’s a waste to rekindle that feud. Again, those people are entitled to their wrong opinion, which, I must stress, is wrong. Miz probably is not who Meltzer is referring to, though, since after his SmackDown run it feels odd that even Dave would be throwing shade Miz’s way. Are people also wrong about Baron Corbin? An extended Corbin vs. Cena feud could be dope, even if it feels like Cena would win. Is it... is it Dolph Ziggler? Is that why Dolph turned heel? So he could face John Cena?

SmackDown, please. Shed some light on this soon, because living in the dark is frightening now.