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Cageside Countdown Nomination Thread: Best of Royal Rumble 2017

Well... that was a fun little Royal Rumble PPV, yeah? Randy Orton won and pointed at a sign, Brock Lesnar still can’t last two minutes in the same ring with Goldberg, John Cena won his sixteenth world title, and Seth Rollins was nowhere to be found. All in all, a fun PPV. All in all, it’s gonna be tough to figure out exactly what was the best moment of Royal Rumble 2017.

That’s why we’re assigning that task to you.


  • For your moment to be considered, the moment must have happened during the Royal Rumble PPV. For clarification, that's anytime from 5pm ET to 10:45pm ET on the evening of January 29, 2017. So, preshow stuff counts, but anything after the final fadeout of the PPV does not.
  • This countdown is not restricted to the Royal Rumble match itself. Anything that happened on the show during the show counts. And the preshow. That counts too.
  • If your moment qualifies, then in the subject box, write Nominate-your favorite Royal Rumble moment. In the comment box, give a pic, GIF, video, a short description, something of that moment. If you can find it, of course. GIFs and video can be hard to find in the first few hours following a PPV.
  • See a moment you like? Give it a rec; that's how the countdown is made.
  • Before you go nominating a moment that might have been nominated by someone else, use CTRL-F or CMD-F to search for a moment you plan to nominate. Only recs with the first nomination of a moment will count.

Nominations close two days from date and time of post, with the countdown to go up this weekend. LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!

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