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NXT TakeOver San Antonio results: Bobby Roode defeats Shinsuke Nakamura to make the championship GLORIOUS


The main event for NXT TakeOver: San Antonio tonight (Jan. 28, 2017) was a NXT championship match between current champ Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode. This lead to some questions. Who’s entrance would be more over? How would the match be? Would the NXT title become GLORIOUS?

The answers:

  1. Roode’s during the entrance but Shinsuke’s during the match.
  2. A bit slow at first but ended up ruling.
  3. YES.

Their over the top entrances involved Roode flanked by eight beautiful women and Shinsuke coming out on some gliding machine. Both were fitting of both men

Much of the early goings of the match was feeling out and posturing. Nakamura would eventually take control using his stiff kicks, but then Bobby Roode tossed him off the top rope onto the ring steps. That’s when the Glorious One keyed in.

Roode dissected the champ for a good while - much of the match. But the King of Strong Style was able to hit a kick to the head from the ring apron to Roode who was trying to pull him back in the ring. This unleashed a Shinsuke flurry of strikes.

However, he missed a kick in the corner and Roode pulled the champ’s neck down on the top rope. The King fought back and hit a big reverse exploder that normally sets up his Kinshasa kick. But Bobby was out. He wouldn’t get up and if he doesn’t get up, Nak can’t hit his finish. Finally, the champ got frustrated and went to grab the champ, but he was playing possum! Roode rolled out of the way and hit a back stabber for a near fall.

Despite not getting the pin, Bobby’s cunning gave him the advantage for awhile until an attempted superplex was reversed. Once again, the champ went for his Kinsasha to Roode in the corner, but the challenger got his legs up to block and then got his feet on the ropes for a leverage pin. And he would have gotten away for it if it weren’t for that meddling ref!

The fight continued and Nakamura eventually landed a knee to Bobby Roode knocking the Glorious One off the ring apron but the champ came up lame on his left leg. Back in the ring, he is able to hit the Kinsasha with the bad leg but he was in too much pain to even go for a cover.

The doctors had to attend to the injured champion but he insisted that he continue fighting. When he finally got back into the ring, Bobby hit a Glorious DDT but the champ kicked out! Roode being the intelligent wrestler he is locked in a single leg Boston Crab on the bad leg but Shinsuke was able to reverse it into a Triangle choke! But his leg was too painful to hold it and Bobby hit another Glorious DDT!

One. Two. Three.

New Champion.


For all of the results from TakeOver, check out the live blog here.

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