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Albert Del Rio reportedly arrested following nightclub brawl in Austria

Earlier today, STRIGGA, a German who covers wrestling and MMA on Twitter and for several other outlets, shared a story from the Austrian website KRONE about Alberto Del Rio/El Patron having been arrested this past weekend for his role in a nightclub brawl. The story sounded pretty outlandish, even considering Alberto’s recent history, and several people replied to his Tweets saying that KRONE wasn’t reliable and he hypothesizing that the story was essentially a work.

But just a short time ago, Mike Johnson at PWInsider reported he’d confirmed the arrest with police in Leoben, Austria. Furthermore, Johnson’s source says the incident resulted in Alberto and his brother Guillermo, who currently works as El Hijo de Dos Caras (and was in WWE Developmental as Memo Montenegro), being detained in country for 24 hours.

Here’s what we know.

El Patron was in Austria for a Dec. 30 booking with Chris “Bambikiller” Raaber’s European Wrestling Association. That event went off as planned (see photos and videos on Raaber’s Instagram here). Afterwards is when the trouble allegedly started, but also when the details get - at least of this writing - pretty hazy.

The KRONE story says that Alberto and his brother were involved in a fight at a nightclub which resulted in another man being hospitalized. En route to the police station, ankle cuffs were used to restrain El Patron’s hands, because he snapped the zip ties they initially used and their handcuffs weren’t big enough (it’s details like these which led STRIGGA and others to assume the KRONE account was at least a little bit fiction). Once at the station, Alberto and Guillermo were said to get in a fight with one another. According to the story, their brawl wrecked the police’s headquarters and resulted in El Hijo de Dos Caras being taken to the hospital.

From there, Alberto Tweeted he was “finally” heading back to North America on New Year’s Day to reunite with his fiancee Paige, so this matches up with a timeline where he was arrested on Friday and detained for a day. She posted a photo today (Jan. 2) of an engagment ring El Patron gave her, and then the pair were seen before tonight’s Raw taping in Tampa.

If the brawl and arrest story proves to be true, it means Alberto is starting 2017 as he spent most of 2016... mired in controversy. Exiting WWE following a Wellness suspension and reports the company was unhappy about his relationship with Paige preceded two other violent altercations - a fight in San Antonio that caused him to miss a booking for AAA and left him with stab wounds, and a backstage beatdown of a luchador who he thought disrespected Paige at another Mexican show just last month.

Without more in the way of official confirmation, there obviously isn’t word on if the Rodriguez brothers will have to return to Austria to settle the matter.

One way or the other, we certainly haven’t heard the last of this one.

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