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Watch Johnny Depp and Cage steal Melissa Santos from her boyfriend

While waiting for season three of Lucha Underground to return this summer (or, in reality, biding their time until a season four confirmation), Cage and Melissa Santos have made some interesting acquaintances. Johnny Depp*, Asaf Goren, and some other dude joined the lucha libre duo to make a goofy video. Enjoy it for yourself.

Because I now have extra time on my hands with Lucha Underground on hiatus, allow me to let my mind run wild. How awesome would it be if Johnny Depp had a guest character on the show? It would be a hoot if Depp reprises his role, Sheldon Jeffrey Sands, from the third film of Robert Rodriguez's Mexico Trilogy, Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Even if he played himself, a scene with Dario Cueto or Johnny Mundo would be gold.

Also, what's up with those welts on Cage's pec? Are they a side effect from his god-powered gauntlet? Whatever the case, Asaf Goren must be sure to return the favor and oil Cage up. Machines need to be well lubricated.

Which Lucha Underground role would you want to see Johnny Depp fill?

* Editor’s note: Looks like this isn’t actually Oscar nominee Johnny Depp, but an impersonator friend of Cage, Santos and crew. They got me, and Manolo. Sorry to disappoint, but it’s still fun!

Which Lucha Underground role would you want to see this very convincing Johnny Depp impersonator fill?

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