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Here’s Cody Rhodes flipping off a dude who called him ‘Stardust’ at an indie show

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Cody (Rhodes) worked Defy Wrestling’s inaugural show, Legacy, this past Friday, Jan. 13. During his match with Shane “Swerve” Strickland, aka Lucha Underground’s Killshot, some fan in the Seattle crowd thought it would be funny to taunt Cody with the last gimmick he worked/was stuck with during his WWE run.

With two word coveyed via finger gesture, and a flamboyent build-up, Cody let the guy know what he thought of that:

This little bit of viral fun aside, it sounds like a fun show loaded with talent, including more LU names like Matt “Son of Havoc” Cross & Jeff “Matanza” Cobb and an appearance by TNA’s Davey Richards.

Davey wasn’t the only Northwestern U.S. name supporting the show, either:

So, go support some indies to see how Cody’s doing. But don’t call him the “S” word.