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Eva Marie to co-star in Nicolas Cage thriller

Kaleidoscope Ball - Red Carpet Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The way I look at it, this is good news for folks on all sides of the Eva Marie debate.

If you’re a member of the Red Army... YOUR GIRL IS GONNA BE A MOVIE STAR!

If you don’t believe the currently suspended WWE Superstar is the greatest thing to happen to sports entertainment since cable television, well... this is one step closer to our collective nightmare being over.

According to Deadline, the Total Divas star has been cast in a new movie, Inconceivable, starring Oscar winners Nicolas Cage and Faye Dunaway. No word on what role Eva is playing, but here’s the provided synopsis:

When Katie (Nicky Whelan) moves to town with her young daughter in order to start a new life after enduring abuse in her past, she quickly befriends another mother, Angela, and her husband Brian (Cage). Angela notices odd behavior from Katie and begins to question whether Katie’s intentions are as innocent as she makes them out to be, or if something dark is lurking beneath the surface.

The other bit of good/bad news, depending on your perspective, is filming starts in October.

Now, I wouldn’t imagine Eva has much more than a bit part, but even if she needs to be away for a couple of weeks, that likely means her return from suspension will lead to more trolling introductions and remote segments of her acting haughty from Hollywood as opposed to, you know, having to watch her try to wrestle.

It’s also worth noting this is outside the WWE Studios umbrella. That might mean nothing - you take opportunities wherever they’re presented. But given the contentious response to her Wellness Policy violation from her husband/manager, it’s gotta be mentioned.

So, hopefully, this puts us one step closer to a future where her fans can watch her on E! and various direct-to-OnDemand movies, and the rest of us can get back to watching SmackDown.

Now, if only there were some way to find out how many days she has left on her suspension...

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