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Joey Styles to have full-time role in Evolve going forward

Joey Styles’ return to the public-facing world of pro wrestling at Evolve 67 last month after years of being the man behind wasn’t a one-off, as it turns out. Not only did he sit at Chikara’s Commentation Station for King of Trios this past weekend, but he’ll have a prominent role at Evolve shows starting at Evolve 68 and 69 this weekend, and going forward from there.

The promotion is quick to state that this isn’t a typical commissioner or general manager role, but rather an opportunity for Joey to use his great wealth of pro wrestling knowledge to interject whenever he feels like he can make the shows better, for wrestler and fan alike.

He’s already made a tag match and returned to the commentary desk to call an Evolve World Championship match, and I’d certainly expect more of both of those things in the future. The roster is about to undergo some changes as folks like Johnny Gargano and TJP depart for Raw, he could have a hand in selecting some of the men who replace them. (Indeed, Jason Kincaid and Jeff Cobb have both been teased as new arrivals recently, in addition to the brace of New Talent Test matches already announced for Sunday.) Could he end up taking some of this talent under his wing and managing them? Anything is possible in our crazy 2016 world of pro wrestling!

Anybody excited for a few more “OH MY GOD!” moments courtesy of the maestro himself?

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