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AJ Lee will watch CM Punk’s UFC debut from backstage: ‘I don't need anybody cat calling my wife’

MMA: UFC 189-Mendes vs McGregor Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Get ready for a lot of coverage of UFC 203, where former WWE champ CM Punk makes his mixed martial arts debut against Mickey Gall in Cleveland.

A lot of the focus is on how badly most people think the 37-year-old is going to look in the Octagon, which might be a reason to not have your wife watch the fight. And that could be part of why Punk told Ariel Helwani of our sister site that April Brooks, aka former WWE Divas champ AJ Lee, won’t be in the crowd:

We've discussed where she's going to be. She's like 'well, where do you want me?' Because for her to be out in the crowd... she's a familiar face, you know what I mean? I just don't want anybody bothering her, I don't want people yelling junk at her and stupid stuff. That's my wife, obviously, so I'd imagine she'll probably watch it in the back. That's just so she's comfortable. I don't need anybody cat calling my wife.

People yelling “your husband’s a bum” and less PG version of that would be annoying, but if his UFC fight brings some pro wrestling fans to the crowd, he might have other chants he’s worried about. AJ was in the ring for the infamous post-WrestleMania Raw in San Jose while the Bellas and Natalya were treated to chants about their sex lives with their husbands and partners, after all.

Watch the whole interview this quote is from below:

What do you think, gang? Is this the right call?

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