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Rudo Radio Ep. 60: Prepping for the Backlash to Backlash

The first live special of the SmackDown Era is here, and it looks like it could be a good one.

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It’s time for a first in the brand-split era: SmackDown is hosting its own live special, Backlash, on Sunday, and there are four titles on the line. We talk about these championships, as well as the feuds surrounding them, in this week’s episode of Rudo Radio.

That’s not all we discussed, of course! We opened by doing our usual dissection of what we liked and liked less from RAW, and also broke down the Cruiserweight Classic and the incoming Cruiserweight Division for Monday’s show. There’s a lot to love on both accounts.

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As for what’s in this week’s episode...

0:00 - 2:45 - Intros
2:45 - 21:30 - What We Liked/Didn't Like on RAW
22:30 - 27:30 - Miz v. Doph
27:30 - 32:30 - Randy v. Bray
32:30 - 39:30 - Tag Team Tournament matches
39:30 - 46:00 - Women's Title Six-Pack challenge
46:00 - 55:30 - Ambrose v. Styles
55:30 - 1:13:00 - CWC/Cruiserweight division
1:13:00 - 1:16:00 - Bye!

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