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Stephanie McMahon’s book delayed to 2017 as she has ‘much more to share’

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Stephanie McMahon on Twitter

Earlier this week, several outlets noticed that the previously announced Stephanie McMahon autobiography, UNREAL: Inside the Crazy, Fun Show Business World of WWE, had its listings on changed. The printed version of the book was no longer available for pre-order, and the eBook edition now had a release date of 2020:

Delays happen, but being pushed four years into the future seemed extreme. Steph has now commented on the change, and in her version, the delay is only until sometime next year:

“Realized I have much more to share” is a good promotional explanation. Others are the initial interviews with her ghost writer didn’t give them enough material to go on, or her editor realized she has a lot more work to do to get the book publication-ready.

Or maybe they just decided to include her side of the ‘girl with a shy smile’ story?

We’ve got several months to speculate, gang, so get started!

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