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Kevin Owens says Vince Russo doesn’t mean ‘a single word of what he says’, addresses Jim Cornette’s claims he’s succeeded because he changed

In the wake of his WWE Universal title victory on Aug. 29, a couple of Kevin Owens’ most vocal critics re-emerged.

We covered both of them here at Cageside. First, Owen’s booker from Ring of Honor (ROH), Jim Cornette, emphasized that KO’s success didn’t matter to him, but was gracious to fans who were excited about the title win. Cornette also repeated an argument he’s made several times when Owens and fellow ROH veteran Sami Zayn have accomplished things in WWE - that they’re doing well now because they’re finally listening to his advice.

Then there was Vince Russo, who largely made it a beef between himself and KO supporters, but worked in a claim that if a guy like Owens could be crowned champ, wrestling was “over”.

On Main Event Radio in his native Canada, the Prizefighter addressed both his detractors.

With Corny, he’s diplomatic, but he dismisses the idea he’s now doing things the Cornette way:

Jim Cornette and I have never really seen eye-to-eye. Ultimately, he knew that I could make it if I wanted to but he just didn’t think I had the right attitude. But that’s just because the way he and I saw things differently. He’s been saying that he thinks that I must have changed the way I see things because now I have success and it must be because I changed things. But it’s not; now I just work with people who I agree with more. The people who I work with now have the same vision that I do of what professional wrestling should be and what it is now. Jim and I just didn’t share that vision.

With the ex-WWE, WCW and TNA writer, Owens shares an opinion held by many:

As far as Vince Russo is concerned, I don’t think he means a single word of what he says. I think he says all of it to get attention. I think he knows how good I am and that me being the champion is a great move, he’s just trying to rile people up.

Check out the whole show here.

Owens comments on Cornette will probably only fuel that debate, as both sides are fairly well dug in to their respective arguments.

As to the ones on Russo... he’s pretty well hit the nail on the head for me. Unfortunately, “hot takes” work because we can’t not react to them, so Vince will continue to be in business.

Your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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