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Cesaro wins in London to stay alive in best-of-seven series with Sheamus

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Cesaro’s back was against the wall in London. Down 3 - 0 in his best-of-seven series with Sheamus, dealing with so many nagging injuries the Celtic Warrior has taken to mocking him as a “mummy” for his liberal use of elastic therapeutic tape...

... the King of Swing had to come up with a victory to keep his hopes of winning the series, and a promised championship opportunity, alive.

Well, you can breathe a sigh of relief, denizens of the Cesaro Section. In what was described as a tense match with lots of nearfalls, the Swiss Superman managed to pull out a victory.

He won with a roll-up, which came from his reversing a Cloverleaf submission hold - and that move didn’t work out as well as the rest of the match, apparently.

WWE cameras were said to be rolling for this encounter, so we may have video online from that - or on USA Network next Monday for sure. Sheamus will have another chance to polish off his nemesis when match five takes place in Baltimore during the Sept. 12 Raw.

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