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Kevin Owens may have just picked a fight he can’t win - against Roman Reigns’ fans

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WWE Universal champ Kevin Owens is a master of social media, especially Twitter. But in getting ready for his showdown against former WWE World champ Roman Reigns on next Monday, Sept. 12’s Raw, he may have taken on his greatest foe yet.

The Roman Empire.

Reigns’ supporters are not only passionate about their guy, they’re sick to death of being the punchline of a lot of (mostly played out) jokes from other wrestling fans.

KO doesn’t care.

First, he got on the Big Dog for cursing and grammar:

Then, he plucked a retweet of Reigns’ original out for ridicule:

And they’re coming for him, and anyone who dares call themselves an Owens fan.


Makes you miss the good old days (of last week) where we were all united against Amin Elhassan, right?