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Karl Anderson tries to salvage ‘Old Day’ segment

There were a lot of interesting, conversation and debate-worthy elements to the Sept. 5th episode of Raw. In fact, we’re doing so all over this very site here on the Tuesday after it aired.

One thing I haven’t seen too many people debate is whether or not the segment setting up the tag championship match for Clash of Champions was a success. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson furthering their schtick as “retirement specialists” by bringing out future versions of current titleholders the New Day (wittily dubbed the Old Day) was a long segment which seemed to get worse as it went along. The bit never connected with the live crowd or the audience watching at home, and should probably be forgotten about as soon as possible.

Anderson is willing to admit it didn’t connect, but not quite ready to forget it. He took to Twitter to try and use how bad it was to get one more zinger in on the tag champs.

‘A’ for effort Machine Gun, but it’s probably best to just keep it moving.


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