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Vince Russo goes on Twitter rant defending bra-and-panties matches

It’s been almost a week since Vince Russo made headlines with a loud and mostly illogical opinion, but he’s back (and after declaring wrestling dead last week... hmmm).

This time, the former WWE, WCW and TNA writer took issue with Sasha Banks’ “bad news” promo. Unlike many others who didn’t understand how it served the stories Raw is currently telling in its women’s division or who critiqued the writing and Banks’ delivery, Russo is offended that the Boss has a negative view of bra-and-panties matches, and wrestling’s historic focus on the female form.

For starters, Vince takes Sasha’s comments personally (ignoring his own “you’re getting worked, BRO” advice), but quickly flips his stance so he’s defending the reputation of the ladies he booked into cheesy, Skin-emax scenarios:

He transitions into an argument that calls upon wrestling history, ignoring both that the mainstream version of the form hasn’t recently booked any match where the goal is to rip your opponents’ clothes off, and the disparate societally-determined ramifications of when men and women are sexualized:

Finally, he doubles down on the “reverse sexism” arguments, as if there’s a 100% level playing field between the genders (for more on why this is utter crap, here’s a good article my colleague Stella Cheeks referenced earlier to explain why the issue is apples and oranges... or bananas and tomatoes, I guess):

And, if you want to rip me for introducing gender politics into the discussion or being “soft”, don’t worry, Russo has you covered:

The really sad thing is, I doubt Vince really believes half of this. He knows he’s stirring up crap, and it will result in clicks for us and attention for him. He signs off his rant admitting as much.

So, there you have it. Maybe when this happens again in another week or so, we’ll all have the strength to ignore him.

In the meantime, you already clicked. So tell us what you think of Russo’s latest rant.

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