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Kevin Owens explains how he was called up from NXT faster than others

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Kevin Owens

During an interview recorded before SummerSlam but just released yesterday, Sam Roberts asked Kevin Owens why he was called up to the main roster from NXT quicker than others. His wonderful answer:

"Oh yeah, I'm really good."

Then after applause:

"Alright, I know it seems like I was joking but that literally is the reason."

That’s great.

I'd love to leave it here, but he did expand on it a bit more:

"By the time I showed up on Raw that Monday to confront (John) Cena I had already been told 'you're on the main roster permanently.' I don't know who saw what. Obviously, I know Triple H is the reason I'm here. He took the chance on me originally and obviously he had a big part to play in it. But I don't know who saw what and made them decide that it was time for me to come up when the usual way to go about things back then to get called up from NXT... it could take years. I also feel like, honestly, I was probably at the right place at the right time because at that point John Cena needed somebody to work with that people would be excited to see him work with and I think I was the guy."

Here’s the complete interview: