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GIF: Alicia Fox accidentally hits Nia Jax in the face on Raw, pays the price

Every now and again, WWE gets an amazing moment out of a total accident. That happened during last night’s (Sept. 5, 2016) episode of Monday Night Raw in Kansas City when, after Nia Jax had squashed Ann Esposito, Alicia Fox wanted to know what her problem was.

“This isn’t a reality TV show like Total Divas, when you step to me there are real life repercussions.”

That led to Foxy snapping and throwing boxes around, one of which accidentally blasted Jax right in her face. Fox’s initial reaction is concern, then she remembers she’s on television and they’re shooting an angle so she tries to play it off. Jax, quite possibly actually pissed off at this point, pushes her straight out of her shoes.

This is an all time GIF:

Jax did warn her there are repercussions.

Here’s the full video:

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