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CM Punk vs. Mickey Gall video: UFC 203 Countdown

While CM Punk has been fairly reserved in the lead-up to his mixed martial arts (MMA) debut at UFC 203 on Sat., Sept. 10, 2016, at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, thinking he doesn't need pro wrestling promos to sell it, the promotional material from UFC has been top notch. That includes the standard "Countdown" show the company releases for each major pay-per-view.

An excerpt:

"The reaction... the majority, I think, was negative. But I like that. That's why I'm doing it, because it makes me feel alive. Am I going to fold under the pressure? Absolutely not. Am I going to come alive under those lights? You better fucking believe it. ... Regardless of what happens, regardless of what the outcome is, you know, I got into this knowing... what's the worst thing that could happen? What, I get knocked out in five seconds? I've lived most of my life in front of cameras. I have shit my pants on national television. I don't think you can get more embarrassing than that. You can't live your life by what somebody else thinks you should do. You don't get to live twice. You get one chance."

It's almost time, folks.

You ready for this?

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