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Sasha Banks says she’ll be on Raw tonight (Sept. 5)

Sasha Banks on Instagram

Former WWE Women’s champion Sasha Banks gave her fans a(nother) injury scare when reports started flying after SummerSlam she might need surgery to repair her ailing back.

Now, it looks like she’s headed back to television after only a couple weeks off (and even last week, she appeared on the Raw pre-show).

The Boss furthered her rivalry with the woman who beat her for the title while appearing before Raw last week. Is her “bad news” for current champ Charlotte? Or am I getting my hopes up thinking her return to TV means a return to action is imminent?

While I may be fanboying for Sasha, there doesn’t appear to be any reason to think the “bad news” is related to her missing more time for injury. All the news since her SummerSlam loss has been positive, and she’s been working out at the Performance Center (as evidenced in our header image from her Instagram).

So all signs point to our being able to worry she’s injured herself again during a match soon!

What do you think/hope the Legit One does on Raw tonight?

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