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Kevin Nash, Scott Hall & Sean Waltman’s nWo invaded minor league baseball for a night

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Minor league baseball is known for being inventive with promotions to keep games lively and get families through the gates. They’re kind of like pro wrestling that way...

Last Friday night, Sept. 2, an independent team out of Connecticut, the Bridgeport Bluefish, really took the similarities to heart, and brought in Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean “X-Pac” Waltman as guest managers for their game against the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs.

In addition to the usual stuff like throwing out the ceremonial first pitch and signing for fans, the trio - representing their late 90s work for WCW as the New World Order - put their stamp on the whole game as the Bluefish wore jerseys repping the nWo.

While none of the innings ended with the hometown nine laying into the Blue Crabs with steel chairs, Nash, Hall & Pac did lead their charges to victory.

Outfielder Anthony Giansanti not only provided the runs needed to win the game by a final of 8 - 6, but he also got to “Too Sweet” it up with the boys.

No word if you can order one of those jerseys yet, or who won the minis match which followed the game, but stay tuned.

If we hear anything about that - or that the nWo is branching out into full-time baseball careers - we’ll let you know.

Check out Frozen Moment’s Twitter for more great pics from what looks like a cool night at the ballpart!