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Heath Slater’s unlikely WWE resurgence has his ‘kids’ taking over arenas & the internet

The unlikeliest pro wrestling story in a year full of them is probably the one about how Heath Slater’s gimmick as the hottest free agent in sports entertainment allowed the original Nexus member to cut loose and become one of the best things in WWE.

We’ve covered what his partnership with Rhyno’s added to the act. Here’s another wrinkle which started popping up in arenas and has now spread to social media.

There’s probably a West Virginian somewhere who’s offended by Slater using almost every stereotype about the people of the Mountaineer State to get over. As a native son, he gets a lot of leeway. As someone with Appalachian kin myself, I can tell you most folks from WVa are as willing to laugh at and even make the same jokes that the rest of the world makes about them.

All of which brings us to “Heath’s Kids”. Slater started referencing having an indeterminate number of children with varying degrees of legitimacy in his promos after the Draft, and fans have run with the idea.

First, by making it the name for their makeshift fan club - complete with “Cesaro Section”-esque signs:

And then by Tweeting GIFs of kids doing dumb and/or violent things to themselves or others under the hashtag:

The really good ones involve water and/or swimming, cause we all know how Rhyno & Heath are all about their above ground pools...

Then there are the ones that so perfectly combine the gimmick with a moving picture, the man himself can’t help but get involved...

I still can’t believe it, but Heath Slater has my favorite gimmick right now.

Seriously, sign this guy Shane McMahon!

Or at least get him some merch.

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