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An actually difficult poll from WWE: Which brand has the best women’s division? will often run polls that range from silly to ridiculous. Every now and again, though, they’ll hit you with an actually difficult question that knocks you back in your chair with how much you have to consider to give an honest answer.

Like this one:

The Raw brand is top heavy, with Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Charlotte the obvious heavy hitters, but there’s a big drop off after that. Paige is suspended and in the middle of some kind of something, Nia Jax is on the come up but who knows if that will work out, Dana Brooke is a great supporting player but that could very well be her ceiling, and both Alicia Fox and Summer Rae have more or less been forgotten.

SmackDown Live, meanwhile, features great talent on top in Nikki Bella and Becky Lynch, with a strong veteran presence in Natalya to go along with young talent like Alexa Bliss and Carmella. That’s not even including Naomi, herself a solid hand, or Eva Marie, the strongest of all heat magnets.

As for NXT, there’s talent there but too many unknowns, at least as far as their work in NXT is concerned. Asuka is proven, of course, but the rest of the list has hardly had enough time on television to make much of a judgement on. Still, there’s obvious potential there.

My vote, and who everyone else is voting for

Go make yours and then come back and tell us about it.

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