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Here’s the trailer for ‘Delete or Decay,’ where Señor Benjamin claims he’ll bury ‘more people than Triple H’

The sequel to the Final Deletion is this Thursday, this one called Delete or Decay, where the united — but broken — Hardys will battle the tag team champion Decay trio at the Hardy compound. To whet your appetite as you wait for this spectacle, here’s the trailer for this Thursday’s battle:

While it doesn’t give much away, here are a few things that catch my eye:

  • This seems to play up a horror movie vibe more than the first one to fit the characters of the Decay.
  • It looks like the Roman candles are making a return!
  • Wait, is Brother Nero drop-kicking the dilapidated boat? Why?? Did Skarsgård betray the Hardys?
  • Of course Abyss’ board with nails (that he calls Janice) would factor into this.
  • It’s not a deletion event without something being set on fire.

There seems to be a lot going on here. And the Decay best be careful because Señor Benjamin is making quite the bold claim:


We’ll have to wait until Thursday to see what is going on with Jeff and the dilapidated boat, if Benjamin can make good on his burial claims, and whether or not Bram is still in the trunk of the Decay’s car.

You can read the happenings and see the videos from Impact this week that set up this battle here.

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