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Bayley’s NXT locker has a new owner

After Mick Foley introduced her on Monday, Aug. 22, and the waterworks-inducing Instagram farewell, Bayley was a Raw Superstar. The fangirl we watched grow into a champion and ace of the brand for NXT had outgrown Orlando, and was heading off to prove herself on bigger stages all around the globe.

In case all of that wasn’t official enough for you, though, yesterday (Sept. 2) we learned the Bayley’s locker at the WWE Performance Center has been reassigned.

While I’m not sure why B’s name is over Peyton Royce’s on the placard (maybe it’s a metaphor for her needing to grow into the role, and she’ll slowly remove the Hugster’s sign as she accomplishes things?), it’s an appropriate choice.

Both ladies have an indie pedigree which includes passing through Shimmer, and of course there’s their epic John Cena rap battle from a few months back.

Plus, it’s just nice to know Royce - who’s been absent from TV and house shows for a little while - is doing okay.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Can Peyton, or anyone on the NXT roster, fill Bayley’s shoes?

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