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Seth Rollins is injured (unless he isn’t)

WWE Network

If you thought the gutbuster spot WWE Universal champion Kevin Owens hit on Seth Rollins last night looked nasty, you might be on to something.

Per the edition of Wrestling Observer Radio (subscription required but recommended) which aired after Clash of Champions last night (Sept. 25, 2016), Rollins was “definitely” hurt when he returned backstage after his main event loss to Kevin Owens. The story has spread across the internet, and at some point picked up the detail that he was having trouble breathing backstage. That could indicate a broken rib or ribs - an injury you’d expect given the gutbuster.

There is nothing official from WWE, other than the standing ovation fallout video. One possibility, of course, is this is part of a work designed to officially turn Seth into a good guy. The above mentioned fallout video features him slowly accepting the fans approval... and a storyline where he’s injured by a jerk might help make us forget how he was bragging like a big jerk about injuring guys just a month ago.

Either way, we’ll probably get some word from the company this afternoon or tonight - either because he’s really hurt or they want to use the impression he is as storyline.

Stay tuned.

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