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Lucha Underground Recap (Sept. 21, 2016): Worldwide Dysfunction

Lucha Underground returned last night (Sept. 21, 2016) from the Temple in Boyle Heights! If you’re looking for more of a play by play of the results, you can find the live blog here.

Wheel of Misfortune

Dario Cueto’s Wheel of Doom returned to see who will get a random Lucha Underground title shot against his brother Matanza Cueto. This week, it was the Mack who got the shot and while he got some offense in, Matanza made fairly quick work of the fan favorite.

The Wheel of Doom is such a Dario thing. He’s so confident in his brother that he’ll let anyone have a shot against the champion with out his brother having any preparation. El Jefe doesn’t care. The dude lives off chaos (and apparently cocaine which they heavily hinted at later) and this is the pure form of it (chaos not cocaine, but probably that too).

Unfortunately for us, while the Wheel of Doom fits Dario’s Temple, it doesn’t help build up a story for the big bad who still holds the title. In fact, looking at the season in the really early stages, Matanza is a bit of an after thought behind plenty of other plot threads. However, I can’t imagine it will stay that way for too long.

Everyone Hates Pentagon

El Dragon Azteca wants a piece of Pentagon Dark after Pentagon broke his arm at Ultima Lucha Dos last season. However his teacher, Rey Mysterio, doesn’t want him to deal with Pentagon. Instead, Rey feels it’s wise just to let Pentagon’s other enemies take care of him. Can’t fault Mysterio for that thinking.

While he’s telling him that, one of Pentagon’s other enemies walks into the dogo: Chavo Guerrero. Last season, Chavo had his arm broken by Mr. Dark as well and wants revenge himself.

Azteca went to Dario later on and demanded a match against Pentagon. Since Black Lotus, who Dario really wanted to see Dragon face, was back in Hong Kong, he OK’d the match. But later on, Chavo went to Dario needing to talk. We find out later as El Jefe tells Rey Mysterio that the boss has booked a match between Dragon Azteca and Chavo where the winner gets Pentagon. Oh, and Rey is the special guest referee.

This puts our masked hero in a tough situation. He has the ability to ensure that his protege doesn’t win in order to protect him, but to do that, he may have to screw him and award the victory to his often enemy Chavo Guerrero.

I hope you like Texano vs. Cage

Because you’re going to get it a ton.

Tonight’s match between the two heavyweights for a unique opportunity was turned into a match for the ultimate opportunity. And when Cage won, Dario sprung on him the fact that this is a Best of 5 series.

This match wasn’t any barn burner, but they’ve got at least two more to turn it on. And this being the Temple, stipulations may be added along the way.

That doesn’t change the fact that Dario’s opportunities really end up sucking for the person who wins them either way.

Woldwide Dysfunction

The Worldwide Underground don’t appear to be on the same page of douchiness that they were last season.

Johnny Mundo told Dario that if he wasn’t going to be in a Lucha Underground championship match, he wasn’t going to be in any match. Then he said he’ll be back at his dojo. When he left Cueto’s office, Taya stuck around and told Dario that she’ll be willing to take his place in the Trios title match later. Wise move, Taya. Take that advantage.

Unfortunately for the shrewd Canadian, she had to team with children. When Jack Evans was screwing around too much in the early portion of the match, PJ Black tagged himself in. And for the rest of the match, Jack Evans just pouted, leaving Black and Taya to do much of the work. No seriously, Jack Evans just sat on the outside of the ring with his arms crossed when the match was ending! It’s cool to be a jerk to your opponents, that’s part of Jack’s charm, but when you start acting that way to your friends, things aren’t going to go well. Though if anyone can sell the role of a pouty child, it’s Jack Evans.

Because of all this, Aerostar, Fenix, and Drago retained their Trios championships. After that match, Johnny Mundo, who was supposed to be back in his dojo, ran back and lead a beat down on the victors (a beat down which didn’t include pouty Jack). If Johnny was in the Temple, why wasn’t he at ringside? Or better yet, in the match like originally planned?

Sexy Star ended up making the save, meaning the Super Friends & Sexy Star aren’t finished with the Worldwide Underground. Though the real question is, are the Worldwide Underground done with each other?

Mama Havoc!

The best part of this episode by far was a brief video of Son of Havoc and Mascarita Sagrada watching some Famous B commercials and commiserating how much they hate him. In fact, Son of Havoc is ready to devise a plan.

But that’s going to wait until Señora Havoc makes the boys some Bagel Bites!

Mysterious Photos

In his office, Dario Cueto opened an envelope with some mysterious photos. It was tough to make out, but it looked like pictures of a doll. He threw out the pictures but they magically appeared back on his desk, so he gave it to Lucha Underground talent Ricky.

In the live thread, Cagesider Ignignokt has a good theory that they were pictures of La Isla De Las Muñecas where mutilated dolls that are hung from trees come alive at night. That fits right into this world of Lucha Underground, doesn’t it? I may need to watch that episode with the lights on.

I really enjoyed last week’s episode so this one felt like a step down for me. Still, it’s an hour of wrestling with crazy storylines and one bad boss, so it’s still fun to watch. Hopefully, the LU champion moves into something a bit more meaningful. But the story between Rey, Pentagon, Chavo, and El Dragon Azteca looks to be intriguing, and I’m very curious to find out about these pictures.

Plus, Bagel Bites with Son of Havoc’s mom!

Sound off below. We’ll be back next week, folks!

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