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Dean Ambrose takes on John Cena, AJ Styles, Steve Austin and more in epic ‘reality’ era rant on Talking Smack

Dean Ambrose closed SmackDown Live with a big win and a well-earned title shot. But he wasn’t done.

The Lunatic Fringe also closed Talking Smack with his lady, Renee Young, and General Manager Daniel Bryan. And while he didn’t set the place ablaze like The Miz a few weeks back, he came damn close.

First, he went after Cena, as you can see in this clip:

I should just beat him. Cause I’m just as good as him, and I can beat him. He wants to run his mouth, like a guy like me’s not on his level, last week... oh, are you gonna run your mouth now? You gonna run your mouth now, after you just got pinned 1 - 2 - 3 in the middle of the ring?

He wasn’t done, though, “shooting” on the 15 time champ like nobody since Dwayne Johnson and declaring that he & Cena just don’t like each other.

John Cena, you know he wants to glad hand everybody and play Mr. Nice Guy and play Mr. Leader of the Locker Room and “sit around my camp fire and let me tell you stories kiddo because I’ve been here for 27 years”, you know. I’ve never walked on egg shells around John Cena. I’ve never thought John Cena was better than me. Never, and especially not now after I just beat him tonight on SmackDown Live.

He don’t want to come over to my side of the room, because I run with Samoans, you know what I’m saying? Samoans and Jack Swagger. He ain’t even got any boys cause he ain’t got no friends cause hes out in the bus. You know where I’m changing tonight? Male talent! I’m changing in the locker room. You know where he’s changing? He’ll probably get right on his jet and go to film the Nickelodeon Awards or some such crap like that because that’s what he does. He’s gone soft.

Asked by Bryan if he was motivated by Cena saying he lacks cahones last week, Dean shrugged it off, and threw in a shot at another Stone Cold critic:

Do you think I give a crap? I’m offending that he thinks I should care about his opinion. I don’t care about John Cena’s opinion. I don’t care about Steve Austin’s opinion.

Dean also ran down his “enemy”, AJ Styles (after a hilarious interlude where he proved his “role model” status by telling kids to talk their way out of fights, but if that fails, fight dirty to end it quickly) before running his mouth right up until the closing theme starting playing with a ‘reality’ era rant where he brought up house shows and catchphrases:

He [Cena] don’t run it anymore. You know who runs it? I run it... you know where I’m gonna be next weekend? I beat John Cena tonight in the main event. This was my fourth main event of the week. That’s the thing people don’t realize. I main evented last night. And the night before. And the night before that. And last week before that I did it. I’ve main evented like 300 freaking nights in a row. For the last two years I’ve been the go to guy that they call on to solve problems, I’m like the mechanic around here. Like, something goes wrong? Fly in Ambrose. Ambrose will do the show, Ambrose will do the cage match, Ambrose will do the signing, Ambrose will do everything. I’ve done everything around here. This place would fall apart without me. So he can run around and be like “Face That Runs the Place” and AJ Styles can be like “I’ll steal your catchphrase [does “You Can’t See Me” gesture] and I’ll steal somebody else’s hand signals [does “Too Sweet”]” - doesn’t come up with anything original. Here’s the thing. I’ve run this place for a long time, alright? I’ve been the man in WWE for a long time, I’ve run the show for a couple of year now and it’s about time - belt, no belt, whatever - it’s about time everybody started to realize it, alright.

The show closed with a couple of bold, but quite possibly true, statements:

Ambrose: “Thank you for Talking Smack - this is the best wrestling show on television!”

Bryan: “That’s our guy... that’s our guy.”

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