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Seth Rollins wants you to know he definitely wasn’t ‘saving’ Roman Reigns last night on Raw

Ever since a Triple H Pedigree lead to Seth Rollins being pinned by Kevin Owens and cost him the WWE Universal championship, fans have been watching the Architect’s every move for signs of a face turn.

So when the latest episode of Raw ended like this...

Wrestling Giffer on tumblr

...observers were not only interested because Rollins went out of his way to attack two conventional heel characters in Owens and Rusev, but also because his run-in stopped them from further assaulting his ex-Shield mate, Roman Reigns.

With rumors of a possible one-off Hounds of Justice reunion making the rounds and Seth more clearly being cast opposite not only Hunter, KO and Rusev, but also Stephanie McMahon, there’s plenty of evidence he could be turning away from the dark side.

But if your heart’s not ready to deal with a reconcilation between former brothers and tag champs Seth & Roman yet, or if you’re just a fan of tweeners and “shades of gray” storytelling, “The Man” wants you to know not to put his face on any lunchboxes just yet:

Of course, as guys like Stone Cold Steve Austin have shown in the past, saying “screw everybody” doesn’t keep you from becoming a fan favorite. But it might slow the momentum of a full face turn for Rollins.

Thoughts, Cagesiders?

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