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ESPN’s Amin Elhassan apologizes for Kevin Owens Tweet

After a couple of days of controversy, ESPN basketball analyst Amin Elhassan has formally apologized for responding to a Tweet about Kevin Owens’ son reacting to his WWE Universal title win with a joke about wrestling being scripted.

Elhassan’s initial Tweet drew the ire of many wrestling fans and some insiders, including Mick Foley, particularly because it involved eight-year old Owen Steen. Fans pointing out Steen’s age, and numerous reports he’s been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, didn’t dissuade Elhassan, who’s own gimmick is built on “hot takes” which generate strong reactions from fans, as evidenced by his identifying as the #HateHard King.

Something did get through to him on this issue, however. Whether it was pressure from Foley, WWE’s relationship with ESPN or a sense of decency is unclear at this time.

There will likely be reports on what triggered the apology, and we’ll share those with you as we hear them ourselves. For now, an ammends has been made, and life goes on.

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