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Get your Roman Reigns vest now, before this petition to ban it gains more momentum

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WWE Shop on Twitter

Not sure if you know this or not, but WWE Shop sells replicas of both Roman Reigns’ flak jacket vest and his gloves.

If you’re in the market for those, you may want to snatch them up now. While there’s no confirmation the gloves add extra power to his Superman punch (unlike the sexy “cocking” gesture he does, which totally does), many fans have noted that wearing a protective vest gives the Big Dog an advantage some of his competitors don’t have by providing padding against strikes and slams.

Well, Mike Huck, who is either a strict traditionalist or a big hater, is taking things beyond complaining. Huck has started a petition at demanding the powers-that-be (both in this world and the next, considering he plans to deliver signatures to both Vince McMahon and the late Jack Tunney) ban Reigns from wearing his vest on the grounds it constitutes body armor:

Roman Reigns has been systematically breaking the rules of Admiral-Lord Mountevans Unified Rules of Professional Wrestling through the use of illegal body armor to protect himself during the course of matches with legitimately dressed competitors, and has been doing so throughout his career.

We require swift action that prohibits the use of this body armor in all future WWE contests by Mr. Reigns and anyone else.

For those wondering, the “Unifed Rules” the petition text refers to helped get pro graps legalized in the United Kingdom back in the 1950s. I’m guessing Tunney might be more amenable to enforcing them than Vince, but it’s a worth a shot. Maybe he’ll have more luck with Nevada Athletic Commission Chairman Francisco Aguilar or President Obama, also listed as authority figures to whom the petition will be submitted.

At 2,500 signatures and counting, Huck’s cause is getting more and more attention, including from places like Rolling Stone (and, of course, Cageside Seats - H/T to BlackfingerPokeOfDOOM and GooseyGoose, both of whom brought it up in FanPosts).

It probably won’t get anything banned, but it might create some attention for the cause. Which, of course, WWE won’t care about - except as it helps sell a few more replica vests.

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