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Chris Amann’s lawsuit against CM Punk might be paid for by WWE, could be ruining his friendship with Colt Cabana

Pittsburgh Pirates v Chicago Cubs Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images

With his UFC debut coming up next Saturday, Sept. 10, there are all kinds of CM Punk “news” items floating around the web.

A couple are related to the outstanding defamation lawsuit filed by Dr. Chris Amann against Punk and Colt Cabana for comments made on Cabana’s The Art of Wrestling podcast about medical treatment the Chicagoan received while contracted to WWE (Amann is the company’s Senior Ringside Physician).

Neither is particularly surprising. In an official response to Amann’s suit, Punk and Cabana alleged WWE “collaborated, coordinated and conspired” the case as revenge for their having embarrassed the company. It’s still noteworthy that the ex-WWE wrestler would casually claim Vince McMahon is “bankrolling” the case, as he did during his interview with Ron Kruck on AXS TV’s Inside MMA.

Related is a report from Twitter personality FrontRowBrian that Punk and Cabana are not on good terms right now, allegedly because Colt attended a WWE show recently and was chummy with some folks there:

Not sure why Cabana, who also worked for WWE on a couple occasions, being backstage would necessarily hurt his defense, but given Punk’s prickly reputation, this seems possible. Of course, we don’t know for sure, and hearsay combined with the lack of a Twitter follow is hardly confirmation.

We’ll keep you posted. Considering how he can’t seem to avoid WWE questions — and always ends up answering them even though he says he doesn’t want to talk about pro wrestling — expect more “news” like this over the next week.

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