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Cesaro’s miracle comeback continues, and match 7 will take place at Clash of Champions

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When Sheamus won the first three matches in his best-of-seven series with Cesaro, many fans said “ah, they’re doing the ‘04 Red Sox thing”.

After the Swiss Superman’s third straight win tonight (Sept. 19) on Raw... yep, they’re doing the ‘04 Red Sox (and four NHL teams) thing.

Things looked bleak for Cesaro early on. The Celtic Warrior had already pointed out how his rival needed to cheat to win last week, and minutes into match six, the King of Swing’s ailing back had been targeted once more.

Powering through the pain, the tables were turned when he sent Sheamus flying over the barricade at ringside. But White Noise on the apron turned the tide yet again, and even when Cesaro kicked out at two, things looked bleak. Several more moves targeting the back got nearfalls (including a nasty looking Celtic Cross-into-a-backbreaker).

A frustrated Sheamus even got caught trying to use the ropes on a cover, but unlike Cesaro last week, the referee caught him. Finally, after being unable to execute the move due to his back issues, Superman hit the Gotch Neutralizer, and now we’re all tied up.

While he celebrated in the ring, General Manager Mick Foley was on the phone, and made match seven for this Sunday’s pay-per-view (PPV), Clash of Champions.

Will Cesaro follow the BoSox lead and finish things out in Indianapolis on Sept. 25?

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