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Miz and Daniel Bryan have agreed to terms on a new SmackDown contract for the Intercontinental champ

Well, that de-escalated quickly.

Following last week’s announcement that The Miz’s contract was up and a weekend of contentious Tweets followed by a Facebook Live trade demand, WWE announced moments ago that the Intercontinental champion and his nemesis, SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan, have worked out a new deal which will keep the A-Lister on the blue brand:

Bryan reTweeted the announcement (Miz is too busy with his fantasy football empire to be bothered right now), so... I guess that’s that?

Hopefully, there’s some follow-up to this online and/or on the Sept. 20 episode of SmackDown. Otherwise, this is the latest strange turn to a story which so far has let the heel consistently get the upperhand on a babyface who can’t get any retribution in the ring.

Which may not be a bad thing, but it’s certainly not a storyline with which we’re accustomed as wrestling fans. Then again, pretty much everything with Bryan is new ground for WWE and its Universe. At least it’s been an entertaining ride.

Stay tuned.

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