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Mick Foley is obsessed with punishing Seth Rollins

While Daniel Bryan and The Miz have a more high profile talent/management beef going on over on SmackDown Live, Raw General Manager Mick Foley is still fuming over Seth Rollins ignoring his directive to not interfere in last Monday night’s main event between Universal champion Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns.

Despite the fact Rusev also interfered - and his actions had a direct impact on the outcome of that bout, and therefore Clash of Champions main event - it was Seth who Foley spoke to about not getting involved. has been under the impression tonight’s match between Rollins and the United States champion is the Architect’s “punishment” for his actions, but the GM either didn’t sign off on that, or he’s not convinced it was enough.

He was on Facebook last night openly pondering further sanctions against the two-time WWE World champ:

What do you make of this, Cagesiders?

Does this play a role in the larger story of why Triple H helped Kevin Owens defeat Rollins on Aug. 29th? Is Mick just jealous of a guy he thinks he kind of, sort of used to look like? Are we just seeing Raw trying to emulate an angle that’s generating some heat for the blue brand?

We may or may not find out more tonight. In the meantime, give us your take below.

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