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Bubba Ray Dudley threatens King Maxell, and a return to TNA

Sure was an eventful House of Hardcore show in Philadelphia last night (Sept. 17).

Tommy Dreamer said he “reached into his bag of surprises” when he found out Terry Funk wouldn’t be able to corner him against Matt Hardy in the main event, and that ended up meaning Joey Styles, Raven and Bubba Ray Dudley.

Fresh out of his second stint with WWE, Bubba wasn’t just there to help out Dreamer - he also laid the groundwork for a feud with the Broken One which could take place at the Hardy compound, or the Zone of Impact.

And seeing as he threatened to put Rebecca and King Maxell through a table like he once did Dixie Carter, sounds like this would be Bully, not Bubba, Ray making a return.

Here’s video of his promo at the end of the night in the ECW Arena, where Dudley said:

How would you like for me to show up at the Impact Zone?

I've burned that place to the ground once, and I'd do it again. I already put your boss through a table, and don't think I wouldn't do the same thing to your wife and your son.

The two followed up with a couple Twitter shots to make sure we were paying attention...

What do you think? Should “Oh my Brother Nero, Testify” be the next program once THE GREAT WAR with Decay is OVER?

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