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Terry Funk says goodbye to ECW Arena amidst reports of serious health issues

Terry Funk was scheduled to corner Tommy Dreamer in the main event of the Sept. 17, 2016 House of Hardcore show in Philadelphia’s ECW Arena. But midway through the show, Dreamer came out to tell the crowd that wouldn’t be happening due to “some medical issues” with which the Funkster was dealing.

The 72 year old Funk, who according to PWInsider probably shouldn’t have even made the trip from Texas, insisted on saying a few words to the crowd. According to Dreamer, he wasn’t even supposed to get in the ring, but as Terry told the crowd, he believes this will be his last time between the ropes in a building that played a huge part in his legendary career, so he did it anyway.

Watch his promo here:

Funk’s many “retirements” are a big part of his legend. But watching this, and considering how he’s performed over his five decades in the business, this one feels different.

We here at Cageside Seats join the entire wrestling community in sending thoughts and prayers to Terry as he deals with his health problems. We’ll keep you posted with any details the family shares.

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