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If you don’t blink, you can see Cody Rhodes in the new trailer for Arrow

Part of Cody Rhodes’ post WWE tour hasn’t just included checking off a list of some dream matches and putting some work in Evolve and possibly TNA now alongside his wife, but he also auditioned and earned a part in the new season of Arrow.

Today, the trailer was released for season 5 of Arrow. While most of the trailer involves the story of the Arrow (Oliver Queen) assembling a new band of allies since many of his past allies went their separate ways after season 4, there is a brief moment where Rhodes can be seen (0:36 seconds in the trailer below).

And while we still don’t know what role the former Stardust will be playing, it surely doesn’t look like he’s playing a true blue babyface like his old man. Instead, it looks like Rhodes is lifting the Green Arrow by his neck and shoving him into a wall, which not only hints that he’s a villain, but that he may have some powers as well.

Who’s excited to see Cody Rhodes’ first foray into acting outside the JBL & Cole Show?

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