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Bray Wyatt: ‘I am the most shock and awe product there is today’

Bray Wyatt

While promoting a WWE house show in an interview with The Daily Journal:

"I am the most shock and awe product there is today. It's a strange vibe when I come out. I'm different than anything else out there. It's violence and wildness."

It’s worth passing this quote along if only to realize that, yes, Bray Wyatt is absolutely different than anything else we see out there, in WWE and beyond. Yet, he’s been booked into the ground, wandering around aimlessly from program to program.

Winning matters, contrary to what WWE would have you believe, but what matters even more is seeing the characters on screen engage in actively compelling stories. Wyatt, then, should be one of the most valued talents on the roster considering how much they can do with him.

Instead, we get formula: Cryptic promo, empty promises, lost match.

His charisma is such that you can almost buy his bullshit despite all the evidence contrary to his claims. But that quote is illuminating. It is true. It should be a call to action.

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