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Lucha Underground Recap & Reactions (Sept. 14, 2016): Secret Agent Men

The second episode of season three of Lucha Underground aired last night (Sept. 14, 2016) with the blow off match of the Killshot and Marty “The Moth” Martinez feud.

You can get the play by play of all the happenings in the live blog here.

Police Drama

Last season, the story with Joey Ryan, Cortez Castro (aka Officer Reyes), Captain Vasquez, the late Mr. Cisco trying to arrest Dario Cueto was always simmering at the bottom but never really boiled over.

Well tonight it did as this story took the lime light.

The biggest revelation is that Captain Vasquez has ulterior motives. We saw a flash back from a frickin’ millennia ago with a small girl sitting by her dying father who hands her an amulet and tells her its power only works on women. How does it work? Oh it just makes you immortal when you reach adulthood. (What the medallion considers adulthood wasn’t made clear. Also not made clear is why a man had the medallion that only worked on women. Seems like kind of a waste.)

And he told his daughter that this amulet was going to be used TO FIGHT THE GODS!

Flash forward a thousand years and who has half of the medallion but Police Captain Vasquez! Honestly, last season I looked at Vasquez as a good cop who was trying to do good but was battling unknown forces that are tied up with the Temple. Now it looks like she is much more. In fact, she was pissed when she found out that Officer Reyes (Castro) work lead to Dario’s arrest. She wanted El Jefe in the Temple so he could lead them to the other evils. Vasquez was so angry that she actually suspended him.

Meanwhile, the hostility between Joey Ryan and Cortez Castro continues to boil. Not only did they come to blows after they listened to Mr. Cisco being killed on tape, but they have even decided to take different sides in the war. Joey Ryan, the sleazy douche that he is, decided to side with Dario Cueto in the upcoming war. His decision was at least partially based on the fact he needed child support money. Because of course he does.

On the other side, Castro decides to side with Vasquez, who is going to send him back to the Temple.

Oh and the other half of Vasquez’s medallion - Catrina has it! So now we don’t even know who that little girl was! But I’m dying to know.

Going to War

Killshot defeated Marty “The Moth” Martinez in a Weapons of Mass Destruction match. This was one of the Temple’s typical gimmick matches, this time with as many army and war props as possible. I think there was a missile on a table at one point. And as is to be expected, Matt Striker worked in a whole bunch of war/battle terms into his announcing of it.

This match was half the show and had zero commercial interruptions, giving these two ample time to kick the living hell out of each other. The match ended atop of a 20 foot ladder (or more), with Killshot grabbing Marty’s genitals (in fairness, Marty did it to him earlier), ripping his dog tags off from around Marty’s neck, making the gun firing motion with his hand, and stomping him from atop the ladder down through a friggin’ table!

The overall story may have felt secondary, but this match delivered the outrageous brutality that we have come to expect from these types of Lucha Underground hardcore matches.

Also, throughout the match, Marty’s creepy relationship with Melissa Santos was on display. He used her as a human shield at one point and even towards the end of the match, he stared at her before he was going to unleash more punishment on Killshot, and she shook her head no at him. Without Melissa, The Moth would not seem nearly as creepy.

A Feud of Originals

It looks like Prince Puma listened to Vampiro’s advice from last week and decided to set his sites on Mil Muertes. After Mil made quick work of Argenis, Puma attacked him post match and took the fight to the big man. Catrina needed to end up holding Muertes back for his own good.

This is Prince Puma’s chance to right the ship. He did not have a great season two in the Temple. While he held Trios gold for a small amount of time, the biggest memory is him losing to Rey Mysterio in his dream match in the main event of Ultima Lucha Dos. Really, it was all downhill for Puma since the main event of Ultima Lucha, where he lost his title to Mil Muertes.

The Man of a Thousand Deaths is Puma’s white whale and if the Prince is going to be able to move forward, he’s going to have to slay the demon of his past.

Poor Mascarita

Mascarita Sagrada had a chance to get his revenge on Famous B when he faced B’s newest client, Dr. Wagner Jr., in a match.

Unfortunately, he lost in no time.

I still love you, Mascarita. You’ll get that win one day.

Half the episode was a fun, hardcore match between the Moth and Killshot. The other was a ton of intrigue and mystery that has me dying to see where it all leads. This episode has me much more excited for Season 3 than I was coming into it.

Let us know what you thought of this episode in the comments and we’ll be back here for all your Lucha Underground coverage next week!

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