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Mexican Senate votes September 21 as National Day of Lucha Libre

Mysterio Psicosis Bash

The Mexican Senate voted 75-0 today to make September 21 El Día Nacional de la Lucha Libre, the National Day of Lucha Libre. Introduced to the floor by Jesús Casillas, who represents Jalisco, the idea for a wrestling-based holiday is a pet project that Brazo de Oro has been working on for some years now.

The date was chosen to honor the first show that CMLL (then EMLL) held, on September 21, 1933, a show largely considered to herald the beginning of lucha libre in Mexico. Before making this historic decision, the senate watched some five hours of lucha libre footage, which seems like a good idea no matter what kind of decision you’re making.

Anybody got plans to celebrate?

(Hat tip, as always when dealing in lucha matters, to Fredo Esparza and luchablog for following along CMLL’s news broadcasts and translating real time.)

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