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Daniel Bryan still hopes to wrestle again, but WWE isn’t budging

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It’s been a topic of discussion in recent weeks because WWE has so clearly been building to a match between Daniel Bryan and The Miz on SmackDown Live each week but the former will not be returning to the ring for a wrestling match.

At least not with WWE.

He wants to. In an interview with The Daily Progress, he came right out and said it:

"I honestly do (hope to wrestle again). All the real concussion specialists who deal with concussions every day, all of them think I am fine."

That doesn’t mean he is fine, or that he would be fine, or that WWE wouldn’t be risking everything allowing him to wrestle again. Sure enough, the company is standing firm in its stance not to let Bryan work another match:

"WWE determined it is not in the best interest of Bryan Danielson (aka Daniel Bryan) to continue as an in-ring performer."

He’s still an in-ring performer in the sense that he’s the SmackDown Live General Manager — something he told The Daily Progress was because he didn’t have a choice, seeing as he works for WWE and they wanted him to do it — but no matter how much they tease a Bryan vs. Miz match, it’s simply not going to happen.

Considering his injury history, what little we know about concussions, and what we still don’t know, that’s for the best.

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