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John Cena returns to WWE on SmackDown Live, gets title match at No Mercy


There were rumors just today (Sept. 13, 2016) that John Cena would be returning to WWE television for the first time since SummerSlam here soon. As it turns out, “here soon” meant tonight on SmackDown Live in Philadelphia.

He came out in response to AJ Styles, the new WWE world champion, calling himself “the champ that runs the camp.” He said Styles has something of his that he wants back, so AJ gave him the armband he’s been carrying around.

But no, Cena meant the WWE world title.

This led to Dean Ambrose making his presence felt, as he cut a promo on Styles claiming “you stole from me” with that nut shot that led to AJ winning the title at Backlash. Cena proceeded to turn Dean around and absolutely bodied him.

“Stone Cold was right to call you out on his podcast,” he said. Naturally, he called him out for not having any balls. Ambrose responded by saying he doesn’t care what Cena has to say before calling him “a lazy part-timer” who can’t cut it anymore.

Finally, Shane McMahon showed up and booked a triple threat match for the title at the upcoming No Mercy pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for Sun., Oct. 9, 2016, in Sacramento, California.


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