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Heath Slater signs his SmackDown Live contract tonight

There may not be a better story in WWE right now than the plight of Heath Slater and his continued attempts at gainful employment on Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live. He finally settled in with the blue brand with stipulation that if he could link up with a partner and win the tag team title tournament, he would earn himself a contract.

He found Rhyno, and they sure as hell did win the championship.

That means he’s got a contract to sign tonight (Sept. 13, 2016) at SmackDown Live in Philadelphia but WWE is already teasing that it might not happen:

The victory not only positioned the odd couple as the duo to beat on Team Blue, but also finally secured Slater a SmackDown LIVE contract — a contract The One Man Band will sign this Tuesday night … at least we hope so!

Yes, while the contract announcement has been made, there is no denying that Slater has been in that position before, only to lose his opportunity at the last second.

Lovable as he is, Slater is a dunce and will almost surely screw this up. We can’t wait to find out how!

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