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Vince McMahon may have torn his quad while squatting

Vince McMahon

Just before Monday Night Raw was set to go on the air on the USA Network last night (Sept. 12, 2016) from Baltimore, WWE passed along a report that Vince McMahon had to get surgery for an injury he suffered while training. The specifics of the injury were not revealed but it was made clear he would be back in the office on Wednesday.

Now, the Wrestling Observer is reporting “the story going around in the company is Vince suffered a torn quad while squatting.”

This wouldn’t be the first time he’s suffered a freak injury to his quads, as one of the most infamous clips in WWE history features the Chairman of the Board angrily sliding into the ring at Royal Rumble 2005 and tearing both quads:

The good news here, if you can call it that, is McMahon’s work is almost all entirely behind-the-scenes now, so he’ll still be able to work as normal going forward.

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