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Cesaro cheats to stay alive in his best of seven series against Sheamus

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On Raw tonight (Sept. 12, 2016), emanating from Baltimore, Maryland, Cesaro and Sheamus had match five of their best of seven series. The Swiss Superman came into the night down 3-1, after being victorious in a must-win in London last week. But for Cesaro, they’re all must-wins from here on out so tonight was no different.

And not surprisingly, Cesaro earned another win tonight to keep this thing going.

Once again, Cesaro’s injured back was the story. When Sheamus wasn’t directly targeting it, the injury prevented Cesaro from doing signature moves such as the Gotch Neutralizer, the Cesaro Swing, and the Sharpshooter. So what did Cesaro have to do to win?

He cheated.

When he rolled up the Irishman, he put his foot on the rope for added leverage during a roll up attempt for the 1-2-3. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Sheamus still leads 3-2 but has lost the momentum.

Excited to see this continue?

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